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Leon High School Football is committed to supplying a first class educational experience for every student athlete within our program.

Leon High School Football will build our athletes around the fundamental principals of responsibility, relentless effort, integrity, dedication, discipline, stewardship, and the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence to uphold Leon’s Championship Culture.

Rugby Players

Code of Ethics

Leon Football Players have a responsibility to uphold the qualities and characteristics of an upstanding student-athlete representing Trustworthiness, Respect, Excellence, Citizenship, and Discovery.

Responsibility to personal development

  • Players will work diligently with school administrators, teachers, and staff to achieve a quality education that will afford them the opportunity to continue their education post-graduation.

  • Leon Football Players will seek additional assistance from teachers or other education professionals to maintain a GPA at or above college admission standards for the state of Florida College and university system.

  • Leon Football players will value the process of educational development above the reward of satisfactory grades.

  • Leon Football Players will come prepared every day for athletic and academic achievement.

  • Leon Football Players will discuss any disputes privately in a professional manner with coaches, teammates, and classmates.

Responsibility to the team

  • Leon Football players will put team development above the wants of personal glorification or individual mindset.

  • All players will respect all other teammates, personnel, administrators, coaches, and classmates.

  • Leon Football players will seek other teammates when doing extra skill or strength development.

  • All players will not cut, or diminish the value of team apparel by altering the material in an unprofessional manner.

  • Leon Players will be on time to all workouts, and arrive early when possible.

  • Leon Players will play with effort and toughness.

  • Leon Players will value respect over likeability.

Responsibility to your professional standard

  • Leon football players will not wear do-rags or have visible undergarments when in public.

  • Leon football players will come prepared for every class and sit in the front of the class.

  • Leon football players will be the first to arrive in class

  • Leon football players will provide an academic update to football coaches on the last day of each week.

  • Leon Football players will refrain from using profanity around Leon faculty, staff, and coaches.

  • Leon Football players will refrain from posting obscene language, disparaging comments, and illegal activities on social media.

  • Leon football players will hold personal conversations with teachers at least once a week.

Leon Football Players will put the PROCESS before the results!

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