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Week of August 7th

An important message from Coach McGriff:

Man does time fly! This week we will begin our regular school schedule and try our best to get our student athletes home early to study.
This week we will have our first day of school, play in an official scrimmage, and begin watching film, conducting study hall, and lifting weights during 7th period. 

  • All athletes should be registered for 7th period with Coach McGriff. If you are not registered please contact your guidance counselor to be added. This will ensure athletes get credit for their work, allow coach McGriff to monitor grades, and give athletes time to go see other teachers.

  • All athletes should be dressed out for practice by 2:00 PM before we start team activities.

  • Saturday we will play Rickards in a half of football at Leon High school. The game starts at 9 but athletes are required to arrive by 7:00am.

  • Athletes that miss practice this week will not be permitted to play in this week's scrimmage.

Parents should contact Alan Morales if your child is experiencing any health issues.

August 8th MONDAY: (Practice will be in just shells. Please wear red shorts!)

1:30 PM: Players Arrive
2:00 PM: JV Weights, Varsity Film
3:00 PM: Practice
6:00 PM: Practice Ends
6:15 PM: Make-up workouts

August 9th TUESDAY
1:30 PM: Players Arrive
2:00 PM: Varsity Weights, JV Film
3:00 PM: Practice
6:00 PM: Practice Ends
6:15 PM: Make-up workouts

August 10th WEDNESDAY (First Day of School)
3:00 PM: Practice
6:00 PM: Practice Ends
6:15 PM: Make-up workouts

August 11th THURSDAY
3:00 PM: Practice
6:00 PM: Practice Ends
6:15 PM: Make-up workouts

August 12th FRIDAY
3:00 PM Practice
6:00 PM: Practice Ends
6:15 PM: Make-up workouts

August 13th SATURDAY 
Official Clinic Vs. Rickards
7:00 AM: players dropped off
9:00 AM: Game Begins


We use the Remind App to send out last minute notifications and reminders. Below are instructions on how to join:

1) Go to Remind.com/join 

2) Enter @leonfb and select Join. Enter your information.  

3) Click Sign Up

August 21st


All Athletes are required to pay a player fee of $250, fees are due no later than August 21, 2022. Please a player fee form (includes practice clothes sizing) and return with payment to Coach McGriff. We will have an option to pay online before the due date, that link will be sent out once we have it available.

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All Videos



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